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TIEP XUAN – The secret of body and mind training (Welcome Spring)

Grand Master Phan Hoang first presented TIEP XUAN in an online post on his blog in 2009. It was then presented at various stages, including in Porto (P) and Chiusa Pesio (CN-Italy) in April 2010. In this sequence, with its four exercises appropriately combined with the five breathing methods, Grand Master Phan Hoang wants to remind and arouse in those who perform it, the same vital energy, freshness and vitality of spring, to prepare and accustom the body to the strong change typical of this time of year.

History / Theory

This is one of the four basic sequences of VIET-KHI-PHAP. Each exercise contains references and symbols, internal energy techniques with stimulation of acupuncture points, stories related to nature, ancient legends or Vietnamese beliefs. The execution of the sequence, remembering every detail of it, makes the practice full of meaning and more effective for those who perform it. All this and much more is contained in the book TIEP-XUAN The Power Of Spring (in English, French, Italian).