VO-VIET: Modernised Vietnamese Martial Art

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VO-VIET is a refined and cultural Martial Art created by Grand Master Phan Hoang and officially presented at the Warsaw Stage in 2003.

VO-VIET together with VIETVO DAO constitutes the martial part of the VIETCHI SYSTEM disciplines. VO-VIET compared to VIETVO DAO, represents an evolution of Vietnamese Martial Arts.

The mission of VO-VIET is both to represent, translate and practice Vietnamese Martial Art, and to capture the meaning and evolution in the world of Martial Arts.

It has five basic forms (quyen) designed to elevate the value and dignity of the practitioner through the beauty and depth of movement:

Stage Sangano 2018

These quyens aim to educate students in all aspects of Vietnamese Martial Arts including physical strength, Khi-power, inner-power, mind-power and theoretical knowledge rather than just the fighting techniques that are studied in Applications.