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The VIET-CHI Institute is an Amateur Sports Association formed in 2013, following the initiative of an international team recognised by the VIET-CHI WORLD ORGANIZATION of Grand Master Phan Hoang. Its objective is to collect, organise, and make easily accessible the teachings of Grand Master Phan Hoang.

Why Institute?

Because it resembles a high school or university curriculum, where there are basic and more specific subjects (DISCIPLINES), appropriately organised according to the type of address chosen (e.g. classical, scientific, economic…). The subjects are represented by the training centre which is characterised by the Disciplines practised there.


Because the main focus of our practice is the VIET-CHI SYSTEM, where VIET-CHI is the group of disciplines of Vietnamese origin created by Grand Master Phan Hoang, organised in a MODERN SYSTEM, based on the same METHODOLOGY, thanks to which both teaching and learning are structured and based on KEY-POINTS OF EDUCATION.