VIET-CHI-KIEM: The Way of Peace of the Ultimate Sword

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Viet Chi Kiem – this is the school of the sword, which teaches people how to live in harmony and peace. It is based on the ancient techniques of Kiem Phap as well as on the sword masters’ Trang Si code adjusted to contemporary life.

The sword has been connected to war for ages, it was a tool to kill. Everyone who practised the art of wielding a sword mastered it for one reason only- to prepare oneself for the final battle. Viet Chi Kiem – according to Grand Master Phan Hoang’s idea – is a trial to change this tool of war into a symbol of peace. Swordsmen are strong and peaceful, ready to use their strength to turn their enemies into their friends. The contemporary Trang Si must find their way of being aware that behind true strength there is no violence and no aggression.

The way of the sword is full of respect towards tradition and man himself. It is both a physical and a mental development. In this discipline, apart from real self-defence skills, strategy of combat and tactics, internal training and high moral standard are emphasized.

Nowadays nobody uses the sword, but its spirit can help the one who wants to follow its path.