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Each training centre is characterised by a mix of Disciplines practised within the VIET-CHI SYSTEM. Each practitioner can study their favourite subjects in depth, independently, even if belonging to a specific centre. To help them in this study, there is a good wealth of material, both from Grand Master Phan Hoang or via other available channels.
Each practitioner can therefore choose the training centre that better suits them, from the ample range of centres available.

Our Disciplines are:

  • VIET-CHI-DAO: Soft Martial Art and Art of Life

  • VO-VIET: Modernised Vietnamese Martial Art
  • CHI-VAT: Art of Body-Mind Fighting
  • CHI-CUOC: Art of Leg Techniques
  • CHI-LUC: Art to train Inner Strength
  • CHI-BONG: Art of the Noble Stick
  • VIET-CHI-KIEM: Art of the Ultimate Peace Sword
  • VIET-TAI-CHI: Art to Live Happily and in Health
  • VIET-KHI-PHAP: Art of Breathing

  • VIET-CHI Combat: Art of Combat
  • TUE-TU Art : Writing Art of the VIET-CHI SYSTEM