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The characteristic of the Disciplines of the VIET-CHI SYSTEM, consists in sharing the same METHODOLOGY.

Why using a METHODOLOGY?
Because through METHODOLOGY we gain the following advantages:

  • we define the essential basis on which to create, build and evolve in the Art
  • the practitioners speed up the learning process
  • the instructors appreciate the guidelines they can follow in their teaching
  • insights are provided also for self-teachers
  • highlights of the characteristics of the Art can be brought to the attention of an external audience

All this can be summarised in the following three pillars of METHODOLOGY:
8 principles: they are the necessary principles that movements and sequences have to follow to be considered part of VIET-CHI
9 folders: they are the nine aspects that guide in-depth studying
6 characteristics: they are focus points, keys to be considered when creating movements or sequences

Key-points of education (Teaching/Learning)

The wealth of VIET-CHI is to offer a vast choice of possibilities.
This allows everyone to approach this Art in the way they find better suitable to themselves.
Furthermore, VIET-CHI is an open Art, where practitioners, with their characteristics and experiences, are seen as a common enrichment.
Our strengths are based precisely on the possibility of adapting the curriculum to the audience in front of us, choosing from the wealth of ideas available the one most suitable for understanding.
The 2 key points of our training are:
1- Teaching based on a programme that is NOT fixed, BUT oriented to the type of learners attending.
2- Learning through COLLABORATION and the exchange of knowledge between learners with different backgrounds and experience.