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Grand Master, still living, charismatic personality and careful connoisseur of the spirit of the peoples of the world, a sensitivity that derives largely from his nature as a traveller.

A supporter of freedom in its various aspects, naturally curious and eager for knowledge, from an early age he sought opportunities to study, work and travel in the East and West, in Europe and the New Continent.

Travelling allowed him to visit most of the countries of the world, to get to know them deeply, to make himself known and to be counted among the great Masters of Martial Arts, as well as among the great experts and university professors in the field of Research Methodologies in the Social and Economic fields.

A volcanic, resourceful personality, he was President and Founder, together with other illustrious Masters of the time, first of the International Vietvodao and then Creator and Founder of a System of 8 (main) disciplines, the VIET CHI SYSTEM, which unites under a single family 8 Arts, each with its own peculiarities but united by the same Method, essence and key, the basis of knowledge.

Thanks to his open-mindedness, intelligence and vision that transcends the immediate, he has never lost the opportunity and the passion, as well as the pleasure and the will to investigate and go deeper, so much so that he has extended his culture in every field and sphere, including that of the most advanced technology, skills that transpire both in teaching and in the contents of his teachings.

This is why he himself defines his Arts as a ‘Modern Vision of Martial Disciplines and Good Health’, a vision rooted in a careful choice of the most valid aspects of the past in the light of all that the most modern sciences affirm and demonstrate.

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