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Workshop on Viet Chi Bong (stick)

The Hoanh Son Centre, Trento, Italy, is staging a Workshop on VIET CHI BONG (stick) on 10 February 2024. For...

27 January 2024

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Grand Master, still alive, charismatic personality and attentive connoisseur of the spirit of the peoples of the world, a sensitivity that derives largely from his character as a traveller.

  • Founder of Viet CHI System

    He was President and Founder of Inter Vietvodao and Creator and Founder of the Viet Chi System.

  • Grand Master of Martial Arts and Health

    He has been practising martial arts since he was a child. Thanks to his open-mindedness, intelligence and vision, he has never missed an opportunity to deepen his knowledge and investigate, so much so that he has extended his culture.

  • University Professor

    Education of all the members of his family included the teaching of the 5 Arts: literature, art, medicine, martial arts, science. All family members are university graduates.

  • Supporter of freedom

    Supporter of freedom in its various aspects, he is naturally curious and eager for knowledge.

  • Traveller

    Travelling has enabled him to get to know most of the countries of the world, to make a name for himself and to be counted among the greatest Masters of Martial Arts and Health Arts, and among the most experienced university professors.

  • Eager for knowledge

    Thanks to his open-mindedness and intelligence, he has never missed an opportunity to explore and investigate, so much so that he has extended his culture to every field and sphere of knowledge.

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