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The Way of True Being

Under the term VIET-CHI, that means The Way of True Being, several disciplines founded by Grand Master Phan Hoang share the same value: BEING TRUE, even if each discipline is independent and has its own method, practice and organisation. In this book we present some aspects of these main disciplines, which are:

  • VO-VIET – The World Organisation of Vietnamese modernised Martial Arts
  • CHI-VAT – A unique school of strong Body-Mind training
  • CHI-CUOC – The Institute for Interdisciplinary Leg Methods Studies
  • CHI-LUC – An elite training discipline for Physical and Inner Force
  • CHI-BONG –  The Vietnamese modernised Art of the Noble Stick
  • CHI-KIEM – The Peace Way of the Ultimate Sword
  • VIETTAICHI – The Super-Chi Way of Life
  • VIET-KHI-PHAP – A scientific discipline of Breathing and Mind Power

Titolo: VIET-CHI – 8 Powerful Disciplines | Published: 2007 | Language: English, with one section in French | Pages: 108.
Content: explanation on the 8 disciplines of the Viet-Chi System: Vo-Viet, Martial Arts; Chi-Vat, Super Training; Chi-Cuoc, Leg methods; Chi-Luc, Inner Force; Chi-Bong, the Noble Stick; Chi-Kiem, the Ultimate Sword; VietTaiChi, Super Chi; Viet-Khi-Phap, Mind Power.

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