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The Jade Mountain

A beautiful form consisting of 28 exercises for a happy life.
Ngoc-Dinh is a quyen, an exceptional set of movements, a form to be discovered. It is intended for the training of students in three disciplines: VIETCHIDAO, VIETTAICHI and VIETKHIPHAP.
First of all, it is safe to say that Ngoc-Dinh offers physical exercises based on the Vietnamese martial arts tradition to cultivate stamina and inner energy, in harmony with the five Vietchidao breathing methods.
But, far beyond physical training, the depth of this quyen lies in the spirit and philosophy of life based on the story of the Jade Mountain. This story tells the adventure of five young men trying to achieve a difficult goal – climb to the top of the Jade Mountain. They left their village together with the same goal, but some of them will go to different destinations. Each episode of the story is expressed by the exercises in this quyen. In the story there is no judgement on the decision made by each young man, each is free and responsible for his own choice.
Towards the end of the story, what does the man who successfully climbed to the top of the mysterious Jade Mountain have to say when he returns to his village? The reader will find the answer in the last movement, movement no. 28 of this quyen.
The special feature of the Ngoc-Dinh form is that this quyen can be performed in three different ways depending on the circumstances:
Very slowly as an internal workout.
Harmonic with a variation of speed of execution as in most quyens of the Viet Chi system.
In martial and dynamic mode with sharp gestures and formal postures.

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