Happy holidays with the new Viet Chi Post

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1 March 2022

The new edition of the VietChi Post (Winter 2021) is available for viewing / downloading at the following address: https://tinyl.io/5OEY

In this issue you’ll find a few articles on TUE-TU calligraphy writing designed by GM Phan Hoang; the anti-stress benefits of DAI-LAO; and all the news from Poland.
We also have the 4th part of the POSTURE article, and we have the link to download a special Compendium that some of GM’s students have put together for his 85th birthday.

There’s the usual contact page at the end of the magazine with some useful links. If you would like your webpage or contact to appear on the list, please drop me a line.
Please always remember that you can have your own article published on the VCP – you will find all details on how to send the articles in on the last page of the magazine.