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Twelve dynamic Noi-Cong exercises

The book TRONG-DONG was published in 2012. Through this book, Grand Master Phan Hoanh wanted to lay the foundations and pave the way for training the body and mind in internal energy, a practice linked to each of the twelve meridians through breathing methods, with the aim of strengthening the immune system to combat potential organisms or pathogens typical of the cold season.
TRONG-DONG is called The Twelve Marvellous Exercises because it offers twelve exercises of Noi-Cong (Inner Power) to respond to different situations throughout the year, in our day-to-day activities.

GM Phan Hoang at the Cuneo Stage, 2012

Title: VIET-KHI-PHAP  TRONG DONG – Twelve dynamic Noi-Cong exercises | Published: 2015 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 85.
Content: Trong Dong Quyen (Winter), Season series. With detailed explanations of the meridians touched by each movement.

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