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Hidden inner energy

Be Strong. Be Happy.
From the book back-cover:
“VIET-TAI-CHI is one of the 8 disciplines of the Viet-Chi System, and the Quyen (form) TINH-MAT is a revelation of our hidden inner energy. It is one of the most important and passionate works among the over thirty quyens created by the Grand Master.”

Title: VIETTAICHI  TINH-MAT – Hidden Inner Energy | Published: 2007 | Language: French | Pages: 150.
Content: Tinh-Mat Quyen of VietTaiChi with sections on the techniques and history of Viet-Tai-Chi; the formal and informal Salutes; Tam Bo Thap Bat Tam, the 18 Stances; and an extensive section on meridians.

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