THAN-XA – The way of water

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The Way of Water

THAN-XA, the Way of Water.
The Sacred Snake Than-Xa is an advanced quyen which belongs to the group of dynamic quyen (Hung-Quyen), mainly intended for martial art fighters. However, by its very nature, Than-Xa contains a number of techniques and sequences that go far beyond the purpose of fighting. The teachings in this book will reach the fields of Strategy and Art of Life to provide guidance to the learners.
Teachers of any discipline in the Viet-Chi System can include Than-Xa into their teaching programme, as a whole quyen or in parts as exercise.

Title: THAN-XA – The Way of Water | Published: 2018 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 158.
Content: Than-Xa, the Way of Water, the Sacred Snake. Containing extensive in-depth information, and a comprehensive guide to this Quyen movements and significance.

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