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The Great Way

Why is the Einstein’s equation Energy-Mass Equivalence E=mc2 considered the most beautiful equation by many scientists? The relation in this equation is very simple. Energy (E) is equivalent to mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light (c) squared. And this so simple expression has revealed to the world an immense discovery that changed the future of sciences in nuclear physics: a huge amount of energy is “sleeping” in a small mass.
Now you have at your hand the book TAM-PHAP, The Great Way, (the way of great mind) which also presents to our specific world of martial arts a beautiful quyen (kata) under refined movements from Vietnamese martial art. This quyen is dedicated to the training of advanced black-belts in VOVIET and VIETVODAO.
TAM-PHAP consists of 36 movements, relatively easy to execute. But a serious practitioner will discover the huge sleeping power of this quyen. In fact, it is a multi-layer-quyen addressing multiple issues in martial art and in society that go far beyond the boundaries of classical martial-art.
TAM-PHAP belongs to the world of Educational Martial Art, it reveals in some way 36 ‘aspects’ of the Vietnamese Martial Art through the long history of its country.
But first of all we invite you to start your journey right now with the next chapter because the road of discovery in TAM-PHAP is long.

Title: The Great Way | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 140

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