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Training in a fabulous Way

KY-LO, Fabulous Way, is a special teaching of Grand Master Phan Hoang to Black Belts and Teachers.
This book is one of the most important books in a collection of documents contributing to the education of Black Belts and Teachers who are expected to be models of excellent men and women in our society.
Ky-Lo is a specific Quyen with its own learning method: here the learner will not learn the whole form at once, but sequence by sequence, analysing different aspects (action, quality, value, mind, etc.). This way, depending on the capacity of the learner, each teacher can decide on the length and number of sequences to be performed at each session of training.
Ky-Lo is not a common book – it is a book with multiple layers and multiple aspects. In fact Ky-Lo is a kind of forest for a new traveller to discover: each traveller will make his or her own discoveries.

Title: SU-LO  KY-LO Quyen – Training in a Fabulous Way | Published: 2017 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 159.
Content: Su-Lo Ky-Lo is the second Quyen of the Teacher School special training. Containing extensive in-depth information.

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