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An exceptional Way for Martial Arts Teachers

From GM Phan Hoang:
“You are a teacher. Your teaching mission must be to train your students according to their own aspirations and capacities, to guide them to become great, even greater than their teachers. That is your mission in helping others. Now you must have a way of training and living for yourself according to your own aspirations and capacities, with the dignity of a Teacher, a Thai.
We call this way of educating and training for teachers “SU-LO”. This challenging journey begins with a very precious book with 18 subjects and over a hundred movements, each movement a lesson on its own. This book will open many hidden doors to you, it is called: Quyen SU-LO KY-MON.
 The book you are about to read is a whole world for you to discover.”
Phan Hoang

Title: SU-LO  KY MON QUYEN – An exceptional Way for Martial Arts Teachers | Published: 2016 | Language: English, Italian | Pages: 120.
Content: Su-Lo Ky-Mon, the first Quyen of Teacher School training with a section on Hand Seals.

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