1999 – June 11-13

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1999 – June 11-13

International Stage


This Stage is awarded the Thap Bat Dieu Bo flag. In fact, this sequence is presented for the first time and becomes the main theme of the whole workshop. The Master begins by explaining the importance and universality of music, a basic concept identified from the news of a new method for teaching Russian to the English.
He tells of his search for suitable music for his purpose and in particular his failed attempt to accompany Dai Lao with the song ‘Mammy Blue’.
Later he found the music of ‘El Condor Pasa’, Grand Master Phan Hoang tells us, and this music inspired him, but not only the music itself, the lyrics also had a deep meaning, and then it was known all over the world. Hence the creation of the sequence. The Master explains all 18 bird techniques and then takes care to give hints for teaching, trying to help teachers who want to transmit this form in turn.
He talks about rhythm and details the form from a symbolic and philosophical point of view and the directions in which it develops, all linked to the words of the song; and then some tricks to make the sequence more fluid and stories about some birds and their strategies.
Also in the evening, Grand Master Phan Hoang’s lecture on the ‘Risk of the Job’ during which the Master tells various episodes from his life.

Drawing of the Tap-Bat Dieu-Bo by Francis Fouet