1999 – February 20-21

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1999 – February 20-21

Stage of TET’s Feast


A Stage as rich as ever in topics covered and in-depth studies.
Bat-Nha, and the story of all the research carried out by the Grand Master Phan Hoang in the pagodas of most of the world to deepen the study of this subject up to the version that he presented today; Thien Long (Celestial Dragon) in which the concepts and the leg techniques that derive from the study and analysis of the techniques of the other schools of Martial Arts are analysed.

The sequence Cuu Thuc Khi Cong (Method of the nine movements) was presented, fruit of a historical research of Grand Master Phan Hoang on the basis of the book written by the Indian monk Bo De Dat Ma, which finds in part its synthesis still to be purified and modernised in future times.

Some of the topics covered:
A review and practice of the first 6 salutations, with particular attention to postures and movements.
Revision with some unpublished details of Kiem Long, about absolute symmetry; of Tu Dieu with reference to the 7 Intelligences corresponding to 7 cervical roots, the poem and the possibilities of this sequence to correct the notion of space often attenuated by age; of Loi Ho with various stories in which Grand Master Phan Hoang has presented this sequence in various parts of the world and therefore how it can be taught in relation to the audience in front of him; of Phi Dieu and the ‘research methodology’ suggested by the Phoenix as well as the concept of ‘patience’ contained in the first movements; of Tinh Cau with an explanation of the name of the sequence and the reason why it occupies the 8th position of the slow forms of Viettaichi.
In addition, Grand Master Phan Hoang presented some considerations and advice on sound emission, and shared with those present his very accurate and timely reflection on the ‘Disease of the Century’.
Finally, there is an organisational note for teachers and staff.