THIEN-LONG – the way of fire

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The Celestial Dragon

THIEN-LONG, the Celestial Dragon, is a very rare Quyen. Technically not very difficult to execute for any advanced martial artist, but extremely difficult to understand in all its aspects. It is in fact a multi-layer quyen, addressing multiple issues in life and society that go far beyond the boundaries of classical martial arts.
Thien-Long is not simply a quyen, it is a series of books. It is an advanced quyen for the training of Black Belts and it contains important material for Red Belts too. It consists of 21 sequences. By its nature it belongs to the dynamic quyen group (Hung-Quyen) and its Way is the Way of Fire.
Thien-Long is both intended for the martial art fighter and as an educational quyen.

Title: THIEN-LONG – The Way of Fire | Published: 2018 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 112.
Content: Thien-Long – The Way of Fire. The Celestial Dragon. Containing extensive in-depth information and details of the movements and techniques of this Quyen.

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