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TAM PHAP- The fifth quyen of the technical programme

Meaning: it represents the ‘principles’.
   TAM: heart
   PHAP: methodology, rule, principle
   TAM PHAP QUYEN: Quyen containing the whole essence of Vietnamese martial arts.

The first movement is reminiscent of ‘reading the book of secrets’. GM Phan Hoang travelled around the various schools of Vietnam taking the best of the techniques and stories of the best quyen martial arts.

For example, the movement that hits the knee, reminds of the story of a teacher who wanted to enlist an army, so he sounded the gong to call the best soldiers.
Then a big man showed up and when he realised that he had a woman in front of him he said with disappointment: “But you are a woman!!!”(TRIEU AU’).
She looked him in the eyes and without blinking she hit him. The man fell unconscious.