1982 – August

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1982 – August

Summer University


 This very important Stage, held in August 1982 in Rome at the Teresa Gerini Institute, marks the birth of Khai-Mon quyen.
During the course of the evening the students asked Grand Master Phan Hoang to explain the meaning of the ‘I King’ and since the Master was not able to be exhaustive in the few hours he had available, he went to bed unsatisfied with the explanations he had managed to give; so his mind continued to work and elaborate for the whole night. The following day the Grand Master got up early in the morning, went to the terrace of the Salesian institute where he was staying and after meditating, as the sun was rising he created the Khai-Mon quyen.


The movements of the form were like an explosion; they were born spontaneously and naturally in the Master’s gestures at that moment, since his mind had elaborated each movement and now gave the body the impulse and the body obeyed.
Khai-Mon quyen helps to remember the symbols of the ‘I King’ and is based on the law of mutation.
Khai-Mon quyen is a technical training consisting of 8 groups of techniques. At a higher level each group can develop in turn into another form or sequence of 8 techniques – for example, the basic technique of the tiger can in turn develop into a sequence of 8 techniques of the tiger and so on. The tiger technique is in fact linked to the Loi-Ho form, the phoenix technique to the Phi-Dieu form. The practitioner will be able to orient his training according to his or her inclination in the techniques that they feel more appropriate.

Master Bernard Legendre, who was present at the Workshop, received this plaque which he keeps as a souvenir of the event.