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The VIET-CHI SYSTEM was born following a long and careful reflection of Grand Master Phan Hoang on the meaning, the value, the utility, and the effectiveness of Martial Arts within a modern society.
His work focuses on three main aspects:

  • Martial Arts need to give effective answers, today
  • we need to find a way of going deeper into subjects that traditional art, with its overly broad programmes, does not allow
  • each practitioner should be given the opportunity to choose the activities that suit them best

The answer was the birth of the System, consisting of 8 main disciplines, resting on common foundations.

The Disciplines, a large and unique fan of possibilities for anyone wishing to evolve or increase their capabilities, go from the so called External Arts to the Internal ones, from training for inner strength and power, to the Art of the Peace Sword, to the Noble Stick, etc.

Soft Martial Art and Art of Life

Modernised Vietnamese Martial Art

Art of Body-Mind Fighting

Art of Leg Techniques

Art to train Inner Strength

Art of the Noble Stick

Art of the Peace Sword

Art to Live Happily and in Health