VIET-KHI-PHAP: The Way of Breathing and Inner Power

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VIETKHIPHAP has its origins in the internal techniques of Vietvodao, which were rarely included in the public training programme of the 1970s. VIETKHIPHAP is a discipline aimed at cultivating internal power. Its four basic forms (quyen) show the connection of man with nature through the four seasons. Its five basic breathing methods are a rare contribution from an enormous amount of research. VIETKHIPHAP meets the aspirations of those who enjoy the depth of internal training, good health, great self-control, and happiness in everyday life. It is the Way of the people living in harmony with Nature, the great Way of Tranquillity.

The four forms:

  • TIEP-XUAN   Welcome Spring
  • VO-HA   Summer
  • HA-THU   Marvellous Autumn
  • TRONG DONG   The Winter Season