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Twelve dynamic Noi-Cong exercises

Be Strong.
TRONG-DONG means “winter respect” (respecting the power of winter): this is the fourth fundamental Quyen (form) of Viet-Khi-Phap. 
Its mission is, on the one hand, to complete the series of four seasonal quyen, to strengthen the whole immune system which fights potentially pathogenic organisms or substances. And on the other, to open the way for specific inner-energy training related to each of the twelve meridians.
TRONG-DONG is called The Twelve Marvellous Exercises because it offers twelve exercises of Noi-Cong (Inner Power) to respond to different situations throughout the year, in our day-to-day activities.

Title: VIET-KHI-PHAP  TRONG DONG – Twelve dynamic Noi-Cong exercises | Published: 2015 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 85.
Content: Trong Dong Quyen (Winter), Season series. With detailed explanations of the meridians touched by each movement.

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