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Secret training for body and mind – a key to longevity

Spring training with Grand Master PHAN HOANG.
“Last week, on St. Patrick’s Day, at a corner of ByWard Market, a bagpipe player blew out in high pitch his nostalgic music, which dominated the whole place. 
I stayed for a while in the other corner of the street, observing the way he was breathing in and out, filling air into the bag of his pipes. There was something slightly similar to the way I did when playing the Vietnamese flute: keeping the rhythm of the air flow. And there’s also something similar in doing our Quyens of breathing exercises, that is: keeping the rhythm of our breathing. The length of air flows in and out, it doesn’t need to be the same all the time, but the rhythm needs to be always observed, like in music. Breathing is music, breathing is life.
Last Friday I taught methods and exercises to prepare our body and mind to accomodate for the change of season. The day after I went to a nearby park to do these exercises under a very old tree. A tree is just a tree if our mind cannot see something beyond its physical form. But a tree can tell us a lot of stories and teach us many things if we open our eyes, our mind, and our soul to it. At the end of my exercises, I felt really happy for having been working with that beautiful old Master Tree at the beginning of Spring.
Trees emanate substances that help boost our immune system, reduce blood pressure, as well as remove stress and other benefits for our health. Exercising or meditating regularly among trees in a park or in the woods, can make us feel really happy. Spring is a great time to go out and do our four Spring Exercises with five deep Breathing Methods. That is the key to a healthy and happy long life.”
Phan Hoang

Title: VIET-KHI-PHAP  TIEP XUAN – The Power of Spring | Published: 2017 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 108.
Content: Tiep Xuan Quyen (Spring), Season series. With detailed explanations of each movement.

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