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The way of inner energy

From GM Phan Hoang:
“Autumn, in many countries I have known -France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Mexico- is a beautiful season.
 Autumn in Canada is the season of dream and love. That is thanks to the wonderful multi-colour of endless forests, hills, and parks. Everything is multi-coloured, even the sky. The sky is not just blue, but green, yellow, brilliant yellow, dark yellow, light brown, orange, crimson, red, when I’m looking up from the path of a small wood near my home.
In western languages, the term Autumn is from the Latin, autumnus. In classic Vietnamese we write it as a union of two words:
Cereal + Fire = Autumn = THU
The season for harvesting the results (crops) of our effort and preparing our energy (fire) for entering soon in winter.
Ha-Thu is a quyen, a set of 24 techniques that teaches us how to strengthen our body, to nurture our inner energy.
 I am happy to share with you this precious knowledge from this beautiful training journey. Be always happy.”
Phan Hoang

Title: VIET-KHI-PHAP  HA-THU – The Way of Inner Energy | Published: 2014 | Language: English, French, Italian | Pages: 92.
Content: HA-THU / Autumn quyen of Viet-Khi-Phap, Season series. With photos, explanations, and reference to the relevant meridians

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