Day programme

13.15/13.30: meeting

13.40: salute, photos and separation into groups

14.00: start of the activities

Group 1. Children 5-7
– rolls, somersaults, falls, jumps, etc. through games
– ground fighting
– at the end a circuit will be defined with demonstrations of what has been learned and timings

Group 2. Children 8-12
– pair work with empty hand techniques and composition of a short song luyen
– pair work with standing and floor fighting

Group 3. Teenagers 13-18
– pair work with empty hand techniques and composition of a song luyen
– possibility to work on a short form or with weapons like the knife or the short stick

17.00: end of training session

17.00-17-30: demonstrations from the different schools

17.40: final salute and buffet


Group work will be coordinated by Masters and Instructors.

Every Club is invited to prepare a short presentation of their activities.


Location: Pagoda Hall, via S. Lorenzo 1, Sangano (TO), Italy

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