• A new Club for all friends of Viet-Chi is born.
    The Great Phoenix Club aims to keep the ties among all new and old practitioners of the Arts of GM Phan Hoang.
    If you’re interested in keeping, or getting back, in touch with friend or fellow practitioners, organise or participate in Viet-Chi-related events, or simply follow the latest news on GM Phan Hoang and his activities, please send an email to clubgrandefenice@gmail.com and ask for details!
    Hoping to seeing you all soon at the Great Phoenix Club!      November 2017


  • Masters Iva Tue-Y and Edio Tue-Chu have spent a few days in Myanmar, and would like to share this experience with you all. Here’s Part 1 of their journey: myanmar_foglie-oro-eng




Eternal Italy
I shall never forget
This sombre winter day
She was slyly attacked
Seriously wounded
From afar, from Canada, I cried
Invaded by a deep sorrow
I pulled myself together
Standing, pointing my finger to the east
Italy will win!
You will defeat all these coronas
Because I love you, Italy
Where I have many friends…

About Black Belt and Red Belt meaning

from GM Phan Hoang

Some clarifications regarding the differences in meaning between Black Belts (BB), Red Belts (RB) and Red and White Belts (RWB).

1.     Black Belt
Black Belt is the general term for all disciples ranking from BB, BB 1st Dang, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th… up to the highest, 9th Dang (the belt of BB has the number of ‘red-bar’ indicating the rank)

2.      Red Belt
Red Belt are for all BB 4th Dang, BB 5th Dang, BB 6th Dang… up to 9th Dang (the belts are all the same, no appearance distinction).
The requirements to be promoted to this belt are high.

3.     Red and White Belt
Red and White Belt are Leading Masters (having important international responsibility and high prestige) ranking from 5th Dang and above (both ends of the belt are in red colour).
Many requirements to be promoted to this belt are very high and restrictive.

4.     Grand-Master Phan Hoang Belt
Belt of Grand-Master Phan Hoang, has one end in red colour and the other in white colour.

From the birth of VIETVODAO to the growth of VIETCHIDAO

The birth of Vietvodao has its roots in two historic meetings held in Limoges, France, in 1972 and 1973: – Meeting of the weekend of April 2, 1972 which we call THE CONVENTION OF LIMOGES, and the – Meeting of the weekend of April 1, 1973 which we call meeting for the PROCLAMATION OF VIETVODAO.   [read more]

Click HERE for the French version / Cliquez ICI pour la version française

22nd April 2018 – The new VietChi Institute statute is available HERE for consultation (in Italian).

2018 – A new agreement has been signed with the S.V.B. Sport Medical Centre for sport medical examination certificates, necessary for the practice of non-pro sports in Italy. HERE is the letter with the agreement (in Italian).

For further information, you can check the S.V.B website.

VCI membership

If you want to renew your individual membership to the Viet Chi Institute for the current academic year, please ask for the application form at the email address: segreteria@vietchiinstitute.org. 


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