She started in VIET-TAI-CHI in 2007 with Masters Tue-Y Iva Caputo and Tue-Chu Edio Catoni in Club Van Kiep, Rosta (To). She feels passionate about this discipline and discovered its different aspects, learning that Viet Chi System is an ever evolving discipline, particularly useful for personal psychological and physical well-being. A graduate in Architecture, she works as an Interior Designer. She believes it is important to research balance and harmony of forms and colours within the home, as these can positively influence those living within. She loves any form of art, music, and oriental dance. She lives in Rosta with her husband Francesco and their two children. She gained her 1st Dang in February 2015 and her 2nd Dang in November 2019.

Grade: 2nd Dang Black Belt of VIET-CHI-DAO

Club: VCI VietWellness, Sangano-Rosta