He started his martial arts training with Kick Boxing in 1989, but had to interrupt his activities until 2013, when he started practising Wu-Shu, Long Xing Chan, reaching Red Belt degree (just before Black Belt). He moved on to Sanda (Sanshou), winning many trophies, and reaching the grade of Black Belt, 1st Duan. In 2013 he started practisingVO-VIET and VIET-VO-DAO under the guidance of M. Edio Catoni, reaching the grade of Instructor, 1st Dang BB. In 2015 he started a Viet Chi Combat project, that has been approved by VCI.

Grade: 3rd Dang Black Belt of VO-VIET

Club: Viet Combat Club Cat Ho Son VanKiep Pinerolo