She is co-founder and Secretary of Viet Chi Institute ASDC. She received her disciple name, which means “peaceful forest”, from GM Phan Hoang for her love of nature and the air of her mountains. She has been teaching since 2009 in the ASD Dynamica of Pergine (TN) holding courses open to everyone. Based on her personal experience, this activity is particularly effective to better morale and welfare of those students with rheumatic problems; that is why she has been cooperating with the interdisciplinary team of ATMAR (Rheumatic Patients Association of Trentino) and with the departments of rheumatology and rehabilitation of hospitals in Trentino since 2010.

Grade: 3rd Dang Black Belt of VIET-CHI-DAO and 2nd Dang of VIET-KHI-PHAP

Club: Hoanh Son, Cognola di Trento (Italy)