As a child he practised Judo, then Aikido as teenager. In 1995 he began following the path of Vietnamese martial arts becoming instructor of Vo Binh Dinh in 2006. In 2012 he reached 4th Dang Master level in VO-VIET. He is head of the Cuneo Section “Long Ho Hội – Vo Viet – Dai Bang”. “Practising martial arts today is to move towards the construction of a new mankind in constant harmony with oneself, with animals, with nature, with the energies that make us interdependent. Everything is in constant fluctuation, PANTA REI, and we are all part of a cosmic harmonious whole that we have long forgotten. The modern form of martial arts is actually a primeval way, a reconnection with the great Mother Earth, a return to the wisdom of the natives, to the reunion with the sense of belonging to life that unites us all…”

Grade: 4th Dang Red Belt of VO-VIET

Club: VoViet-DaiBang / Long Ho Hoi La Piccola Foresta, Cuneo