A computer engineer, he has been learning and teaching VIET VO DAO (Vietnamese Martial Art) for 13 years. For 18 years he devoted himself to the study, practice and teaching of Viet Tai Chi before, Viet Khi Phap and Viet Chi Dao afterwards, and gradually to all the other disciplines of the Viet Chi System. Excellent Teacher, since the year 2000 he has been attending several meetings of international training and has organised and helped organising several successful Stages with the GM. He also produced a large number of documents and reports, giving a great contribution to the development of the Viet Chi System. In 2017, at the Sangano International Stage, GM Phan Hoang presented Master Tue Chu with his 5th Dang conferring him the Red-and-White Belt.

Grade: 5th Dang Red-White Belt of Viet Chi Dao & Viet Khi Phap

Club: VCI VietWellness, Sangano-Rosta