He started in Martial Arts in 1981. Since 1991 he is chief and trainer of Zyrardow Vietnamese Martial Arts Club – THIEN LONG. Since 1996 he has been training uniformed services. His specialities are tactics and intervention techniques. He has been Polish Champion in the Polish Championships of VIET-VO-DAO in 2004. From 2002 to 2005 he was second coach of the national team of VIET-VO-DAO Poland. He trained twelve Polish Champions in his Club. Since 2012 he is first coach of the national team of Viet Boxing Poland. He trained 6 Polish Champions of MMA & Viet Boxing. He is the founder of Combat System Poland, a special system for real self-defence. It is a system for ordinary citizens, the Police and the Army. He is lecturer and coach of the armed forces. Since 1991 he trained 35 instructors and black belts. He is also a JuJitsu Master and expert Chyropratic.

Grade: 4th Dang Red Belt of VIET-CHI-DAO

Club: Thien Long, Zyrardow