VIETVODAO – VOVIETvvdcolorVOVIET Final 2013_320

From the Vietnamese tradition to the modern evolution of Martial Arts

VIETVODAO is the traditional Vietnamese Martial Art. VOVIET is a specialised discipline in Vietnamese modern martial art.

VOVIET is the synthesis of Vietnamese Martial Art Styles and the ancient culture of Vietnam.

Vo: Martial Art

Viet: Superior

VOVIET and VIETVODAO mission is to inspire Honour, Strength, Honesty, in a model of intelligent fighters, successful and happy people, excellent citizens.

Be Strong,

Be Helpful

The advantage of practising VOVIET or VIETVODAO is getting physical strength, develop self-confidence with a peaceful mind and a great positive attitude towards life.






VOVIET Final 2013_320

VOVIET and VIETVODAO offer two options in its practice: 1.Studies of Quyen (form) and Strategies. 2. Competition and Art of Fighting.

Historically VIETVODAO was created in Limoges, France, in 1972.

VIETVODAO should keep the form of teaching created, transmitted by seven masters, while VOVIET was created solely by Master PHAN HOANG to follow the evolution of the world of Martial Arts.
In other words,VIETVODAO is the classic Vietnamese Martial Art, and VOVIET is the modern Vietnamese Martial Art. 

Seeing it in its structure,VIETVODAO has seven original quyens, transmitted by the seven masters, plus a number of other quyens

In VOVIET, the technical content consists of five quyens, all created by master Phan Hoang. 

VOVIET (a proper noun, written in capital letters) was created by Master Phan Hoang in 1973 to sustain the Vietvodao. In 1984 VOVIET redefined its programs and became a new way of Vietnamese modern martial art : Prioritising educational approach, building methodology, promoting research, developing case-study, applying collaborative learning, creating five instructional quyen (forms) and a series of exercises to carry a new way of learning martial art (by theme, by nine different approaches Cuu-Doan, and by six criteria of evaluation).