A Way Of Life

VIET-TAI-CHI is a specialised discipline in Vietnamese modern Body-and-Mind art, created by Grand Master Phan Hoang in 1990 at the Lake Two Mountains, Canada.

Viet: surpass oneself
Tai: cultivate
Chi: will, energy

VIET-TAI-CHI is the vulgar term for VIET-CHI, a vast collection of teaching and research fields, created and provided by Grand Master Phan Hoang.

VIET-TAI-CHI mission is to inspire Honour, Strength, Honesty, in a model of successful and happy people, good citizens.

Be Good, Be Happy


well being

body-ming training




VIET-TAI-CHI is a beautiful discipline in the Viet-Chi System of eight disciplines. Many quyen have been created by Grand Master Phan Hoang to cover large fields of the practice of Viettaichi along with a great number of teaching documents and Spontaneous Letters.

VIET-TAI-CHI is not a martial art, it is classified in the Viet-Chi System as an Outer Discipline/External Exercises (vs Inner Discipline/Internal Exercises as in the case of Viet-Khi-Phap) aiming to help people to be happy and to be successful in life.