The best integral discipline, and the most educative practice.

VIET-CHI-DAO is the culmination of 8 specialised disciplines in one integral discipline; it promotes the most modern methods for teaching, learning, and training.

VIET-CHI-DAO, created by Grand Master Phan Hoang, has started its new international program in 2014. Teachers have access to a large list of exercises and forms in order to adapt their teaching to the specific need of their students.

VIET-CHI-DAO missionĀ is to inspire a better life through dynamic exercises and practical applications of positive thinking.

VIET-CHI-DAO offers two options in its practice: Internal Training and External Development.

Be Best

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The VCD Emblem is composed of 9 elements called Circles and 8 petals.
– in the 9 Circles there 7 apparent circles + the Wheel + the Centre
– the Wheel is a circle with 14 lobes. It is picked from an ancient Vietnamese design on a bronze drum. The Wheel represents Evolution, Progress.
– the Centre represents the Heart, the Core value. Among the invisible elements concealed in the Centre you can find the Square!
– the 8 Petals represent Knowledge; 8 inter-connected disciplines
– the Five Colours (Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue) are related to the theory of the Five Elements.

You can find the full document from the GM – HERE (in English)

VIET-CHI-DAO preserves the best values of Vietnamese Martial Arts and the most effective Strategic Thinking in building its various training programs aiming at personal growth as a priority.