The Mind-Power-Brush practice

TUE-TU, Mind-Power-Brush, is a method of training to explore one’s Inner-Power and to promote personal-growth and self-healing. This method uses 26 LetterExercises –a creation of Tue-Tu- combined with the Six-liberating-sounds and the Six-symbolic-colours. Moreover, the practice of Six-breathing-techniques and the Six-postures tremendously add effectiveness to this art of Mind-Power-Brush in helping practitioners gain greater balance and self-confidence. Although this art of Tue-Tu uses the brush and some techniques of calligraphy it is not a school of calligraphy; no Chinese characters to learn, no skill in painting art needed.

Be Confident, Be Happy

Created in the 1980’s by Dr Charles Phan Hoang, a university professor of Research Methodology and a grand-master of Vietnamese martial arts, TUE-TU (wisdom and character) is definitely a unique approach to lasting personal-growth for everyone.