A Beautiful Internal Discipline

VIET-KHI-PHAP is a specialised discipline in the field of Internal Exercises.

VIET-KHI-PHAP is a Way of Inner Energy. It is an “inward” discipline that uses 5 methods of breathing and 18 powerful breathing exercises. There are four instructional-forms called the 4 Seasonal Forms

VIET-KHI-PHAP is a discipline focused on Breathing Methods, Dynamic Exercises, and Positive Thinking. Many documents and books are available at Viet-Chi Institute such as SPRING TIEP-XUAN; AUTUMN HA-THU; WINTER TRONG-DONG… (please see BOOKS section).

  • VIET – To surpass, to excel, to overcome. Vietnamese people.
  • KHI – Air, ether, inner energy, vitality, high potential power.
  • PHAP – Method, way, principle.

The composed word VIET-KHI-PHAP has been created from three separate Vietnamese words by GM Phan Hoang in order to name the modernised Discipline he founded decades ago in line with VIET-VO-DAO International (1972) and VIET-TAI-CHI (1990).

VIET KHI PHAP means “The method to use dynamic air to surpass, to go beyond” or also “The principle to use cosmic energy in order to overcome all difficulties”.

VIET-KHI-PHAP mission is to inspire Strong Mind, Good Health, in a model of happy people.

VIET-KHI-PHAP specialises on BREATHING METHODS practice and on the development of inner energy using the physical strength of the body and the consciousness to obtain a state of perfect insight and tranquility.

Be Well, Be Happy





Our logo is a symbol, not just a mark like those you see on commercial products, that we usually call badge. We call it DIEU CHUONG (diệu chương) that we can translate into Emblem.

The eight-petal flower represents our eight disciplines, Viet-Khi-Phap is one of them.

The centre of the flower is yellow and it represents the origin, purity; the circle represents perfection; the red border around the centre of the flower is the energy which the 8 disciplines emanate from.

VIET KHI-PHAP is written in blue, and it represents the ocean, while the pale blue is calmness and inner peace, infinity.

The blue circle is perfection.

In the external border, the yellow part is the Earth and the red part is fire.

Alternating yellow and red waves represent life’s ups and downs, which cannot be avoided. These fluctuations are on the outside, and there they should be kept, while on the inside we have the light blue, calm, inner peace.

The black external border is the rest of the Universe, with its own entities.

VIET-KHI-PHAP, created in 2000 by Grand Master Phan Hoang, is the transformation of the ancient Vietnamese techniques of breathing and long-life into the new art of Viet-Khi-Phap by redefining the objectives, refining the techniques, structuring the building blocks in Four Seasons Groups, adding new methods, establishing teaching methods and research programs, etc. A series of instructional-forms have been created to carry a new way for learning Vietkhiphap.