VIET-CHI COMBAT is a sub-discipline of VOVIET, specialised in THE ART OF COMBAT

VIET-CHI COMBAT, with the authorisation of Grand Master Phan Hoang, since 2014 has its own competitions but members are also authorised to take part to any official competition organised by any other martial-art styles.

VIET-CHI COMBAT applies very seriously the Research Model taught by Grand Master Phan Hoang to push forward the progress of tactical fighting and strategy of combat. New techniques are regularly discovered and added to our training programs. Our Case-Study uses the model taught at Vietchi Teachers School which consists of three folds: Technical Analysis, Theoretical Analysis, and Effective Application.

VIET-CHI COMBAT applies rigorously its specific Combat Breathing Methods taught at several Vietchi Stages in recent years with Grand Master Phan Hoang. Improving the capacity of apnea is an important practice to our training.

VIET-CHI-COMBAT mission is to inspire Honour, Strength, Honesty, in a model of Combating People, Victory through Strong Training of Body and Mind.

Victory by Strength and Intelligence

VIET-CHI Combat is not a new Martial Art, but a discipline of free-combat, which is a type of fight without pre-coded movements. It derives from the actualisation into sporting practice of the noble Vietnamese martial arts with influences from neighbouring countries (Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand) after applying Western standardisation. Like all disciplines of VIET-CHI System, it provides self-defence clues and it aims to reaching self-improvement, awareness, compassion and a smiling attitude.