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A Unique Grappling Sport

CHI-VAT is a specialised discipline in Vietnamese modernised art of grappling.

CHI-VAT is the transformation of the oldest Vietnamese art of VAT into the newest Vietnamese Art of Grappling by redefining the objectives, refining the techniques, structuring the building blocks, adding new methods, standardising the terminology, establishing research methods, etc.

CHI-VAT mission is to inspire Peace through Strength, Victory through Strategy.

Be Strong, Be Helpful


intensive training



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CHI-VAT was created by Grand Master Phan Hoang in Warsaw, Poland, 2003, with important contributions from his distinguished disciple, Master Ryszard Jozwiak Dung Tien, 6th Dang and several others disciples. Later, in 2006, members of Vietchi Research Center in Canada helped G.M. in searching Vietnamese old documents, and in shaping its foundation and standardising the system of technical names in CHI-VAT. In May 2013 G.M. conducted an International Stage of CHI-VAT in Rome to make a milestone of this discipline. In 2016 Master Piotr Bonikowski brought in another major contribution in the Stage at San Germano Chisone, Italy: Forming teachers of CHI-VAT Children (Children Grappling) and establishing Competition Rules for Children Grappling.