The Art of Ultimate Sword

VIET-CHI-KIEM (CHI-KIEM) is a specialised discipline in modernised art of the Sword.

Sword of Peace

VIET-CHI-KIEM mission is to inspire Victory through strength and strategy, Personal Growth through peace and know-how.

Be sharp, be kind









In the practice of CHI-KIEM, there are three types of sword, each with its own purpose:

Type 1. HANH-KIEM (Hành-Kiếm) – Wooden sword for all practice and combat training
Type 2. TAM-KIEM (Tâm-Kiếm) – Wooden sword for training in meditation, self-healing, inner energy.
Type 3. TUONG-KIEM (Tuợng-Kiếm) – Sword made of steel for symbolism.

VIET-CHI-KIEM, has been created in Canada early 2000 by Grand Master Phan Hoang and later proclaimed at the International Training Session for black-belts in Warsaw, Poland, November 2003.

VIET-CHI-KIEM is the transformation of the ancient Vietnamese art of Kiem-Phap (Principle of Sword) into the new art of Viet-Chi-Kiem (Ultimate Sword) by redefining the objectives, refining the techniques, structuring the building blocks, adding new methods, establishing teaching methods and research programs, etc,. A series of instructional-forms have been created to carry a new way for learning the art of the Sword ( DAI-NGUYEN-KIEM, DAI-KIEN -KIEM, DAI-VU-KIEM, DAI-LUOC-KIEM) along with mental-forms (KHOI-A-KIEM, THAP-TOAN-KIEM), sharpening-forms (NHAT-LUYEN-KIEM, DAO-MA-KIEM), fighting-forms (HAI-VAN-KIEM, GIAP-AT-KIEM), and a great number of exercises.

VIET-CHI-KIEM is an art for Peace . For centuries, the sword has been a weapon and a symbol of superiority. Although the beauty of some kind of swords could be very attractive, still the main purpose of a sword is to kill. The purpose of VIET-CHI-KIEM is different, it is for inner peace, peaceful success in society. The sword in VIET-CHI-KIEM is made of wood, which is the opposite of steel. Wood is a symbol for Peace.