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The Institute for Interdisciplinary Leg Methods Studies.

Leg Techniques are an important training part of most martial art schools in the world.
However, martial art schools are often isolated from each other and there are just a few places where people conduct serious research on all aspects of Legs Techniques training as an independent Art, not necessarily limited to the fighting purposes.

CHI-CUOC is a research institute working inside the Vietchi Research Center in Canada.

CHI-CUOC mission is to advance knowledge and skill in the field of Leg- Technique under multi-purposes.

CHI-CUOC is the name of this new discipline. With an interdisciplinary approach and scientific analysis tools, VIET-CHI Institute wants to promote the Art of Leg Techniques, supporting research, providing training sessions, rewarding talented artists, organising competitions to create the opportunity for practitioners of all disciplines to meet, exchange and share friendship.

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CHI-CUOC, created in 2003 by Master Phan Hoang, is a meeting place for advanced Black Belts and Masters in the field of Leg –Techniques.

CHI-CUOC, by research results, has established the rule to distinguish Leg-Method from Leg-Technique, has provided the list of 63 Leg-Techniques in the Vietchi System.